How to Solve Error 500 after Updating WordPress

Sometimes we encounter error 500 after trying to update wordpress to a newer version. When such error occurs, the front page of the website and admin panel can not be accessed normally because wordpress is still in the maintenance position.

“Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

All web pages are blank and error message above appears. This error usually occurs in wordpress with lots of plugins in it. How do you solve this problem? Don’t be confused. First thing you have to do is disabling all wordpress plugins using FTP and then removes status maintenance mode by removing .maintenance file, then try to update again if the previous update is failed. Here are more detail steps:

  1. Open the FTP program and then go to the folder wp-content

  2. In the wp-content folder there is a folder called plugins. Rename plugins to be plugins.hold

    In the wp-content folder there is a folder called plugins. Rename plugins to be plugins.hold

  3. After all plugins are non-activated, go to the base directory (directory or folder that contains wp-content, wp-admin, etc) of your website.

  4. Delete .maintenance file

    Delete .maintenance file

  5. WordPress would not be in maintenance mode again, try to check your wordpress version by opening page

  6. When wordpress is updated with the most recent versions, then proceed to step 7. But, if wordpress has not been updated with the most recent version, then try to update again. I am sure that the wordpress update process will run smoothly this time without error because all plugins are disabled.

  7. Go to wp-content folder and then rename plugins.hold into plugins to reactivate all the plugins.

How to Flush DNS in Windows 7, Windows 8, XP and Windows Vista

When you access a website, the computer will perform DNS caching, which means that the data in the form of domain name and IP address of the website that you access are locally stored in the computer for a period of time, so when you open a web page that has previously been opened it will feel faster because the computer has remembered the IP address and it does not need to contact the DNS server. However, which often be a problem is that the DNS cache can sometimes be corrupted and it causes problems like some websites that can not be accessed when the internet connection has no problem. At this point the DNS flush is needed.

DNS flush will force the computer to clear the DNS cache or in other words it forces the computer to erase all memory of the domain name and the IP address associated with the domain name. Once the DNS cache is empty, the computer will start asking for new data from the DNS server and it will build DNS cache from the beginning.

flush dns cache
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How to Run Windows XP in Windows 8 with VirtualBox – 6 Simple Steps

Windows 8 as the latest operating system from Microsoft does have nice interface, effectiveness and better security. However, sometimes we still use the old software that is made in the period of Windows XP and that is not updated by the author.

Indeed, there is a feature “Compatibility Mode” in Windows 8, but this feature is not perfect. There are some older programs that really have to be run in Windows XP.

Windows XP Mode in Windows 8

Windows XP in Windows 8

Dual boot? That’s what you definitely think right now. This dual boot system (Windows XP & Windows 8) on your computer will solve this problem. You can run your old programs in Windows XP and when you will just surf or do other works, you can use Windows 8. But of course this will make the time wasted due to the process of switching between Windows 8 and Windows XP and vice versa that requires a fairly long time. There’s another deficiency in dual boot system. You need a license for Windows XP. Isn’t that bothering?
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