How to Install Windows 8 from a Bootable USB Flash Drive, Dual-Boot with Windows 7

Microsoft has made available a Release Preview of Windows 8 and I believe you want to try it, but your computer has no DVD drive or maybe your CD/DVD drive is not detected. So how to install Windows 8? the only option to install it from USB flash drive (USB stick/USB Key), in this guide we will create a dual boot system (Windows 8 and Windows 7)

note: Doesn’t want to create a dual boot system? on Step 15 select Windows 7 partition > Drive Options > Format, then install Windows 8 on that partition.

Because we will make a dual boot system, Windows 8 need to be installed on a clean partition. You have to prepare a clean partition drive first, then follow these simple steps:

Install Windows 8 from USB Flash Drive

  1. Download Windows 7 DVD/USB Download Tool and then install it, and then download Windows 8 ISO file here

    Download Windows 7 USB-DVD Download Tool

  2. Open Windows 7 DVD/USB Download Tool application. Click Start (Blue orb) > All Programs > Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

    Open Windows 7 USB-DVD Download Tool Application

  3. Please choose ISO file. Click Browse

    Please choose ISO file

  4. Locate the ISO file, select it, then click Open

    locate the ISO file

  5. Click Next

    Click Next

  6. “Choose media type. Please selevct the media you would to use to create your Windows 7 (Windows 8) backup. You can choose to xopy to USB or burn to DVD.”
    Click USB device

    Choose media type, click USB device

  7. “Insert USB device. If your device is not displayed click Refresh.”
    If you haven’t inserted a USB flash drive, insert it now, then click Refresh button, then choose a flash drive from drop-down list, and then click Begin copying

    click Begin copying

  8. Please wait for a few minutes. The app will format and copy all Windows 8 setup files into USB flash drive…

    Please wait for a few minutes

  9. Bootable USB device created successfully”
    Close the window and the Windows 8 Bootable USB flash drive is ready!

    Bootable USB device created successfully

  10. Restart your computer, then go to BIOS, and then change boot order (boot sequence), first boot device: USB Flash Drive

    change boot order

  11. Your computer will boot from USB flash drive…
    Click Next

    Windows 8 setup

  12. Enter the Windows 8 key to activate Windows, then click Next

    Please enter Windows key

  13. Accept the license terms, then click Next

    accept the license terms

  14. Because we want to make dual boot (Windows 7 and Windows 8), click Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)

    Select installation type

  15. Select a partition.. make sure it’s a clean partition, then click Next
    UPDATE: “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files.”
    If that error message appears when you click Next, read this

    select partition

  16. Please wait a few minutes… your computer will automatically restart/reboot

  17. Go to BIOS again, then change boot order, first boot: HDD (hard disk)

    change boot order again

  18. Done! Windows 8 installed and your computer has dual boot menu (Windows 7 & Windows 8)

    dual boot menu windows 8 and windows 7

  • thepsotman

    anyone use this tool for install window XP sp3 from usb yet?

  • gladly99

    Thanks a lot !
    It was very helpful 🙂
    Btw, if I want to install win8 final, am I able to use this way??
    Thanks again..

    • picohelp

      Yes, you can 🙂