How to Make Windows 7 as Default Boot, When Dual Boot With Windows 8

Few days ago I’ve built dual boot system on the computer (Windows 7 and Windows 8) by way installing Windows 8 on a computer that already has Windows 7 as its main OS, though surely I’ve installed it on different partition that is separated from partition on which I already installed Windows 7. However, I found some interesting thing when I was firstly use computer with that dual boot system.

  • The Bootloader on Windows 8 dual boot system is impressive. It is different compared to Windows 7 bootloader that only have grey color on its fonts.

  • Windows 8 will be the main option for booting, on which 30 seconds will be given to us when we are choosing which OS we want to load.

  • While I am currently in dual boot menu and then choose Windows 7, then computer will not enter directly to Windows 7, it has to restart at the very first time before entering windows 7 OS.

The last one was very disturbing and in fact inconvenient, particularly because I am still using Windows 7 as the main operation system. Substantively, in a screen where Windows 8 bootloader is appeared, there is menu to be used for changing default boot option, though I prefer using msconfig instead. Here’s how to make your computer choose Windows 7 as main option when it is started using msconfig:

  1. Right click on taskbar then select Task Manager

    right click on taskbar then select task manager

  2. On task manager window, click File > Run new task

    click File select run new task

  3. Type msconfig and click OK

    type msconfig and click OK

  4. on System Configuration window, select Boot tab

    select Boot tab

  5. select Windows 7 then click Set as default, change the timeout (optional) and then click OK

    select windows 7 then set as default boot

  6. Now click Restart

    restart now

  7. Done! now we can use windows 7 bootloader and Windows 7 as primary OS, and you can log in to Windows 8 directly if you want to, no need to restart your computer.

    Windows 7 bootloader