How to Check Computer System Specifications: Windows 8

When we are going to buy a new laptop or PC, first we look at the specifications of the computer. While this is easy, but for those who are not familiar with Windows 8 it is quite confusing.

Follow the steps below to check detailed computer specifications using System Information utility in Windows 8:

  1. On the Start screen, press the Win key (Windows logo key) + i, then click Tiles.

  2. Step 1 - Click Tiles

  3. Click Show administrative tools to change it to Yes.

  4. Return to the Start screen and wait a few seconds. Notice all of the administrative tools on the right end of the Start screen.
    Click System Information.

  5. Start Screen with Administrative Tools

  6. Done.

  7. NOTE: If you just want to read the basic information about your computer, click here

  • coolstorybrah

    Doesn’t work. Doesn’t show tiles for me.

    • DingoDude

      you have to be in the start place before you press win+i. In order to get to the start place just press the windows key.

    • Brandon

      you have to hold the win key and I at the same time once you are in the start menu

    • Hannah

      Just searching system information works too, kind of quick and easier too

  • Calum

    Works for me. Thanks!

  • u jelly?

    the tiles is under settings

    • brandon

      you have to hole the win key and I at the same time once you are in the start menu

  • QAZI


  • danny

    Just search up “System Information” , simple as that

  • Thim

    thanks it works!

  • Chronic

    I would like to copy and paste this. Is it possible?

  • eh

    Can’t believe people actually use the app system to find this

  • This way is easier

    just search the start window pc info and click it

  • yort23

    Tried this, showed administrative tools. but no System Information

  • Frankie Puggy

    jus type “msinfo32” in search box

  • Sophisticate

    Then what??

  • Chris

    Oh now I know another way of checking my system information. Thank you for the good info. There are also few different ways you can check your computer specs like my computer properties.. 😀 I found it here ->

  • Bonita Loca Pájaro

    go to start then click win+i for everyone who didnt know

  • Atul Gautam

    thanks it works