How Does A Touch Screen Phone Work? (Chart)

There are three touch screen types mostly used in a phones or tablets, namely: Resistive, capacitive, and infra-red. Most people don’t even know what type or the system of their phone screen is. Learn about the different benefits and capabilities with this helpful chart, to make sure you get the touch screen phone you're looking for, or at least you can give an answer when someone asks you about the types of touch screen:
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How Does a Touchscreen Work Chart

27 Super Amazing Examples of HDR Photography

You might heard “HDR” acronym in photography. HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” and it can create amazingly beautiful photos with impossible color and clarity because HDR imaging is a set of methods that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures than normal digital imaging techniques. HDR images are achieved by blending several photos with different exposures (with image processing software for tone-mapping) to make for a more dynamic scene.

Here are some examples of great HDR Pictures:

HDR photo example 1

HDR photo example 2

HDR photo example 3 Continue reading